Episode Summary

Featuring: Steve and Jackie Green

Pope Benedict XVI once said, Become familiar with the Bible so that it can be your compass pointing out the road to follow. Steve and Jackie Green, Co-founded the Museum of the Bible to discover ways in which our reading and study of the Scriptures can be enhanced through the various offerings of Museum of the Bible, both at the museum and online. The museum features multiple resources for classroom use.

Link to Museum of the Bible K-12 programs:K-12 Programs | Museum of the Bible

Link to Museum of the Bible educational brochure: museumofthebible.cdn.prismic.io/museumofthebible/90a5d0e9-1f22-447d-863c-f46caebd2106_EducationDeptBrochure_Digital.pdf

For more information about Educational Programs, contact Lisa Rowan at lisa.rowan@mbible.org.