Borrowing the phrase duc in altum from the Gospel of Luke, which was oft-quoted by St. John Paul II,

our schools seek to “go out into the deep” and become beacons of light for the ministry of faithfully Catholic education in our nation.

Our Mission

DIA Schools Collaborative seeks to share the collective wisdom and resources of its like-minded, faith-filled school members for the betterment of each institution, the growth and support of passionately Catholic education at-large, and the transformation of the culture of our society.

Our Beliefs

DIA Schools Collaborative Belief Statements

  • We are schools committed to supporting the New Evangelization of the Catholic Church in the United States.
  • We are schools who have a deep and abiding love for the Catholic Church and all her teachings.
  • We are schools who maintain that the ongoing spiritual formation of students, parents, faculty, and staff alike is at the heart of the work we are called to do as Catholic schools.
  • We are schools committed to sharing our best practices, resources, and personnel for our mutual benefit.
  • We are schools open to sharing relevant data in order to establish performance benchmarks in all facets of school administration.
  • We are schools with leadership committed to meeting frequently to collaborate and advance the mission of the collaborative.
  • We are schools that believe parents are the primary educators and, as such, must be fully supported in their efforts to provide an integral formation to their children.
  • We are schools that strive to live the works of mercy and reflect the missionary nature of the Catholic Church.

Our Impact

It is so refreshing to meet people who desire to make their schools not only centers for learning, but furnaces of evangelization!

The DIA network provides inspiration to “go deeper” in the formation of our school communities.

Our growing roster includes schools and dioceses from across the US, and beyond. DIA Members represent:

  • Large and small Catholic schools
  • High school and elementary
  • Single gender and co-ed
  • Order-sponsored, diocesan and private
  • Diocesan Offices of Education

The combined structures and experiences in these organizations inspire protection, promotion, and strength of our schools’ Catholic mission.

DIA participants

Episcopal Endorsements

Bishops and Archbishops from the host dioceses and archdioceses of past Schools Summits endorse the efforts of Duc In Altum Schools Collaborative.

  • "It is a joy to welcome this unique endeavor within the life of the Church for the cultivation of academic and spiritual excellence."

  • It is my wish that this initiative might expand and grow so that many more young people in our Catholic schools can reap its benefits and renew our communities and the Church at large.

  • The DIA Schools Collaborative is dedicated to promoting sound Catholic identity and commitment to a robust catechetical approach that meets young people where they are, and then sends them out with the tools necessary to tackle a challenging contemporary culture.

  • Most Rev. J. Mark Spalding

    I am pleased to endorse the DIA Schools Summit and hope to see this initiative continue to grow as school leaders work to enhance the faith experiences of young people and thus renew our Catholic Schools.


  • Staff

    • Kyle Pietrantonio

      Executive Director

    • Father Paul Kostka


    • Karen Maginn


  • Directors

    • Rich Meyer


    • Andy Tylicki


    • Dr. Todd Flanders


    • Deborah Nearmyer


    • Patrick Reidy


    • Kate Sell


    • Tim Navone


  • Advisory Board

    • Dr. Greg Bottaro

      Clinical Psychologist and Founder

    • Most Rev. Thomas A. Daly


    • Mary Pat Donoghue

      Executive Director

    • Kristin Meyer

      Founder & President

    • Stephen D. Minnis


    • Anthony Pienta

      Executive Director

    • Alan Sears