A Bold Vision for 21st Century Educators

Duc In Altum Schools Collaborative is an extensive network of entrepreneurial and passionately Catholic educators seeking to challenge conventional thinking

while striving for excellence in faith-first school communities across the country and the world.

About Us

The growth and strength of passionately Catholic schools will be a critical lever for the future of the American Catholic Church.

Duc In Altum provides a framework for dioceses, schools, leaders and partners to work towards achieving a faith-first vision for Catholic education.

Our Impact

It is so refreshing to meet people who desire to make their schools not only centers for learning, but furnaces of evangelization!

DIA participants

The DIA network provides inspiration to “go deeper” in the formation of our school communities.

Our growing roster includes schools from across the US, and beyond. DIA Members represent:

  • Large and small Catholic schools
  • High school and elementary
  • Single gender and co-ed
  • Order-sponsored, diocesan and private

The combined structures and experiences in these organizations inspire protection, promotion, and strength of our schools’ Catholic mission.

DIA participants


Read the most recent edition of The Cenacle; listen to inspiring conversations on our podcast, “Follow to Lead”; and find tips, event details, and reminders in archived communications.


Keeping fellow Catholic educators up-to-date through events and relationship-building opportunities.

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DIA membership emboldens schools’ and dioceses’ network of like-minded Catholic educational collaborators to foster ideas, discuss challenges, and find support.

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Duc in Altum Schools Collaborative is supported by generous donors like you.

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AltumEdge is here to take your mission to new heights.

Create or shift your school’s Catholic culture, develop student leadership through a community system, or enhance faculty formation: these are just a few of the consulting services offered to actualize your organization’s mission.

We do this through a strong network of Catholic professionals who commit to helping other Catholic organizations reach their goals, leveraging the collective resources and wisdom of faith-focused leaders and partner consultants.