Napa Institute DIA Workshops 2022

  • “Catholic Schools and the Culture of Encounter” by Most Rev. Andrew Cozzens,  Diocese of Crookston. Presentation Slides.
  • “The Reimagined Catholic School: Showing Families The Way, The Truth, and The Life” panel discussion including leaders of DIA founding schools. Panel Discussion Summary.

Plenary Sessions

  • Bishop Thomas Daly – “Catholic Schools: Bringing the Truths of Jesus Christ to the Young in a Time of Pandemic and Other Challenges”
  • Dr. Heather Thomas – “Answering DEI: Identity, Human Dignity, and Social Justice in the Catholic School”
  • Mark Lippelmann – “The Greatest Threat to Catholic Schools”
  • Dr. Edward Sri – “Who Am I To Judge? Talking About Morality in a Relativistic World”
  • Andreas Widmer – “How St. John Paul II Evangelized Me: Three Lessons for the New Evangelization”

Plenary Session Recordings

Presenter Resources