Episode Summary

Featuring: Kyle Pietrantonio, Fr. Randolph Sly with guest Thomas Clements

This week on Follow to Lead, as a special Good Friday program, Fr. Randy Sly and Kyle Pietrantonio will be talking with Thomas Clements, the founder and director of Zenith Ministries. His story is one of redemption and restoration, moving from a life in his teens with drugs, drinking and pleasure to a surrender to Jesus Christ which brought about a life of grace and hope. After earning a Masters in Theology from Franciscan University, he went on to teach several years of High School Theology, build and lead various retreats, form Catechists, give talks, and use his musical talents to lead others in singing praise to God.He recently started Zenith Ministries to help Gen Z and Millennial Catholics experience the same healing and grace God has poured out upon him. You can discover more of what Zenith Ministries is and their mission at www.ZenithMinistries.com.