St. Cletus Elementary School | Gretna, Louisiana

At St. Cletus Elementary School in Gretna, Louisiana, the beginning of the school year just wouldn’t be the same without Boosterthon. In its fifth year of working together to raise funds for the school’s needs, the relationship that has developed between the Boosterthon team and the teachers and school administration continues to strengthen.

“I overheard one of my teachers say they do not know how the beginning of the school year would be without Boosterthon,” said Principal Jill Grabert. “The team brings an esprit de corps that makes it fun and uplifting.”

“My families also love the ease of this program,” said Principal Grabert. “The ability to use social media to request donations makes it effortless for students.” She noted about 66% of funds raised were from someone other than parents, such as grandparents and family friends.

“Booster brings the energy and the capacity to get the students excited about raising money for their school,” said Principal Grabert. “Once you have used Boosterthon, you will never want to use anyone else for fundraising!”

Principal Grabert appreciates the simplicity and turnkey aspects of the Boosterthon program. “It is so easy! When they tell you all you need to do is ‘x’ that is all you need to do. Not only do they promise — they follow through. They count shirts, distribute prizes, get the kids excited, and share in the fun of the activities,” said Principal Grabert.

The Booster team delivered a program that was engaging and exciting for the students, while taking the burden off school leaders, teachers, and volunteers! They plan to use the fundraising profits to enhance education for their students with updated school curriculum for a lasting educational impact!

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