“Issue No. 17: Education”, the summer 2023 edition of Word on Fire’s Journal, “Evangelization & Culture.”

This new feature, by a DIA school head and highlighting a DIA school, Providence Academy, is about the importance of beauty in education and how it serves the transformation of lives and culture. See the full article and stunning photography around the campus beginning on page 58. 

“If beauty is objective, then a school’s role is to present and instill artistic sensibilities that accord with a reality that uplifts… It is fitting and proper that children be assisted by their physical environment, wherever possible, in their aspirations to beauty. That this aspiration is of a piece with desires for truth and goodness—which are rightly seen as key subjects of a good education—suggests that a school’s physical environment is especially important.”

The Providence Academy community is fortunate that the founders of the school, and still today under the leadership of Dr. Flanders, allow students to see their world “charged with the grandeur of God.”