Marian University Preparatory School is transforming K-12 education through faith-focused, personalized learning options

When traditional K-12 schools abruptly shut down in 2020, students were forced to learn from home. This yielded mixed results, with some students excelling in a virtual environment. In a post-pandemic world, families are embracing their new-found flexibility to continue working from home, relocate to a new city or state, or pursue passions outside of work. Education should be no different.

Launched in March 2022, Marian University Preparatory School aims to transform the delivery of traditional K-12 education through a personalized, faith-focused learning environment.  

In the modern world, a one-size-fits-all approach to education does not meet the needs for every student, and learning should not be confined to a classroom from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. MU Prep believes students should be able to master what they love and learn as they live, meaning education should fit into a student’s life, not the other way around.

Whether you’re a student athlete with a busy schedule, a student who learns better virtually, or a family on the move, MU Prep provides a high-quality personalized educational experience for every student.  

To meet the needs of our students, families can choose to enroll their child in a fully virtual program, learning from home or on the go. Prep Plus, our hybrid program, offers a more hands-on experience with in-person and virtual classes throughout the week in Indianapolis. Both options provide a vibrant faith-based community.  

Our faith is integrated in everything we do. As a religious school sponsored by the Catholic institution Marian University, we welcome students of all faiths who seek an educational experience framed within the context of our Franciscan values: dignity of the individual, peace and justice, reconciliation, and responsible stewardship. Each day, we will incorporate our faith in our classes and activities, following the Archdiocese of Indianapolis Catholic curriculum guidelines. 

Providing a high-quality education that meets the imperatives of the 21st century through a flexible learning environment is a heavy lift, which is why we’ve partnered with several organizations to operationalize our vision. In addition to being sponsored by Marian University, we’re using the comprehensive learning platform from Stride, Inc. to provide a world-class, personalized education experience through an adaptable curriculum offering core subjects, religion, electives, and career and college readiness coursework and opportunities.

Through partnerships with Ascend and EmployIndy, students will participate in relevant work- and project-based learning, so they are prepared to enter college or begin their career upon graduation. Our state-certified teachers will provide mentorship to Marian University Fred. S. Klipsch Educators College students, providing aspiring educators unique practicum experience in virtual and hybrid environments. MU Prep students will have access to comprehensive support through City Connects.

Marian University Preparatory School is accredited through the Indiana State Board of Education and accepts Indiana Choice Scholarships. Income-eligible families can receive a choice scholarship – or voucher – to offset tuition costs.   

We are currently enrolling grades 6-9 for our virtual and hybrid programs, with in-person classes taking place in Indianapolis. Given the flexible nature of our school, we plan to extend our mission to students across the state and country. With each academic year, we will thoughtfully add up to two grade levels, expand Prep Plus to additional cities, and open enrollment to students outside of Indiana.

Learning should not hinder a student’s life outside of school. Marian University Preparatory School empowers students to master what they love and learn as they live – without missing out on a high-quality education or sacrificing their dreams. Enrollment is now open for grades 6-9, and classes begin in August. Visit to discover more and enroll today.