“Follow to Lead” Podcast Celebrates Second Anniversary

On January 1, 2020, “Follow to Lead” (FTL), the podcast sponsored by Duc In Altum Schools Collaborative, premiered through audio syndication on all the popular podcast platforms and with a video version on the Duc In Altum YouTube Channel. Initially intended as only a monthly program, the very next month FTL moved to a twice-monthly schedule with the program running 30 to 45 minutes in length. 

Over the two years, we have featured a variety of interesting interviews. We have hosted such guests as Bishop Thomas Daly of Spokane, Chairman of the USCCB Committee on Catholic Education; Dr. Greg Botarro, a clinical psychologist and founder of the CatholicPsych Institute; Allen Hunt of Dynamic Catholic; Chris Magruder with “The Veil Removed;” Jeff and Emily Cavins from The Bible Timeline; Meg Hunter-Kilmer, the Hobo for Christ; plus a variety of presidents, administrators and teachers from DIA Schools. 

“Follow to Lead” began through the collaboration of Kyle Pietrantonio, DIA Executive Director and Fr. Randy Sly, then President of St. Michael the Archangel Catholic High School, who, together, co-hosted the program. Fr. Randy continues to serve as producer and director for the podcast. “With an audience primarily of administrators, staff and teachers at Catholic Schools,” he shared, “we try to bring a mixture of guests whose stories and insights will inform, enhance and inspire us as we seek to fulfill our mission of making disciples through Catholic Education.” 

One of the unique features of FTL is our production staff. From the very beginning, we have involved student interns from Catholic Schools. These students have been involved in various roles, at times helping to prepare for the podcasts, recording interviews, and doing post-production of the video and audio components.

You are invited to “follow” our podcast on any of your favorite podcast apps or listen through the podcast page of the diaschools.org website. You can also join us by video on the Duc In Altum YouTube Channel. 

“Five Essential Marks of Catholic Schools” – A Special Six-part Series on Follow to Lead

Early in 2023, “Follow to Lead” will feature a special six-part series based on a special presentation by Archbishop Michael Miller several years ago called, “The Holy See’s Teaching on Catholic Schools.” The presentation, and a subsequent book, were written by Archbishop Miller when he was Secretary of the Vatican’s Congregation on Catholic Education. The series will include a special interview with the Archbishop along with in-depth discussions by several educational leaders of the “Five Essential Marks of Catholic Schools” as outlined in the document. A special online version of the presentation will also be available for download when the series premiers.