Taking Catholic School Formation to the Next Level

Announcing the 10th Annual DIA Schools Summit speaker and topic line-up! Join us for a professional-development-meets-personal-retreat experience, October 21-23, 2024, on the campus of University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas, and St. John XXIII College Preparatory School in Katy, Texas.

Endorsed by Bishops and Superintendents, and highly rated by past attendees, the annual DIA Schools Summit brings together thought-leaders in Catholic education. Programming for 2024 includes general session presentations by Jackie Angel, Brett Salkeld, Matthew Sanders, and a panel of innovative leaders in Catholic education. These compelling presentations will cover hot topics like, sharing the faith and to fearlessly “cast into the deep” for intentionally Catholic education; integrating Catholic teaching in core subjects; Artificial Intelligence and its appropriate use in Catholic schools, pitfalls and benefits, and how to use it safely; and how to be a “Crusader for Faithful Catholic Education”. 

Since the DIA Schools Summit includes the Feast of St. John Paul II, DIA’s patron, we are especially fortunate to have Cardinal DiNardo celebrating the Mass on October 22. Following Mass, UST’s Campus Ministry team will lead a Eucharistic procession on campus, veneration of relics and Benediction. 

Concurrent workshops target specific roles in Catholic schools and address common issues affecting our communities today. Check out the line-up below.

School Leadership Workshops:

  1. “The Holy Eucharist and the Renewal of Catholic Education: Encouraging and Supporting Parents as Primary Educators in Light of Eucharistic Doctrine” with Roland Millare.
  2. “Creative Recruiting and Retention Strategies” Panel Discussion with DIA Board Members Rich Meyer, Todd Flanders, Andy Tylicki and Tim Navone.
  3. “The Spiritual Leader of Catholic Schools” with Rob Birdsell.
  4. “Introducing Performance-based Compensation for Recruiting, Retaining and Rewarding Faculty” with Kyle Pietrantonio
  5. “AI at the Service of the Church and the World” (virtual presentation) with Father Michael Baggott.
  6. “Practical Wisdom for Agile Leadership” with Dr. Karen Bohlin.

Campus Ministers Workshops:

  1. “Sharing the Gift of Jesus: Developing Faith in Students with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities” with Dr. Adam Bigbee, Melissa Gurley and Kathleen Leffas.
  2. “Tilling the Soil: Creating a Culture of Vocational Discernment in Catholic Schools” with Sr. M Karolyn Nunnes, FSGM
  3. “Guardians Prayer Group” with Bryce Crandall and Deacon Bart Zavaletta. 
  4. “Counseling with an Eye to Mental Health Beyond High School” with Dr. Greg Botarro.

Teacher Workshops:

  1. “Integrating Faith and Science” with Yvonne Boldt.
  2. “The Ministry of Catechesis for Students with Disabilities” with Sr. M. Johanna Paruch, FSGM
  3. “Counseling Fellowship Followup” with Sarah Hogan and Mr. Michael Schell. 
  4. “Wondrous Joy: Pursuing the Transcendentals through Seminar Discussion” with Krystyn Schmerbeck. 
  5. “Faithfully Catholic Approaches to Questions of Sexuality and Gender” with Dr. Kevin Stuart, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Director of the Nesti Center for Faith and Culture, and Director of the Master in Public Policy and Administration, University of St. Thomas (Houston)

Board/Advisory Council Workshops:

  1. “Get The Board on Fire for the Mission” with Jack Creeden
  2. “Clarifying The Board’s Role in Strategic Planning” panel discussion with Kate Sell of Mission Advancement Partners and Philanthropists/former board members, Butch Callegeri and Kelli DeGeeter.

The most up-to-date version of the agenda is found here

In addition, DIA’s strategic partners participate by being available to discuss their products and services. How can they help your school be more efficient? Meet with them during designated display hours! See the current list of DIA Strategic Partners here.

We’re especially excited to meet on the campus of St. John XXIII College Preparatory School in Katy, Texas. Showcasing faith in action on our member school campuses has been a basic tenet of past Summits. This year, we are fortunate to be close enough to introduce our attendees to St. John XXIII College Preparatory, one of the first DIA member schools. Transportation to and from UST and St. John’s will be provided. 

All this content is currently just $400 per person*! But 2024 DIA Schools Summit registration rates increase July 31 – register now! Airfare is still affordable, book now for the best pricing; and group discounts are available at the Hyatt Place Medical Center, for just $159/night . Join us, to discuss how your school can take formation to the next level. 

*Consider DIA Schools Collaborative annual membership, which includes TWO Summit registrations, in addition to a wide array of other benefits. We’d love to collaborate with you!