Duc In Altum is an invitation to put out into the deep. Part of the gift of DIA and the schools affiliated is striving to give students concrete encounters with Jesus Christ. 

In the history of the Church one of the prime ways that Christians have expressed this is through pilgrimage. While there are some similarities between going on vacation and doing a pilgrimage, the distinctive difference is that everything in the course of the pilgrimage is oriented towards encounters with the Lord and experiencing the reality of the saints. As schools develop faith formation opportunities, I encourage you to consider how you might be able integrate the practice of pilgrimage into your plans.. 

While not every school might be able to offer a pilgrimage to Rome, it is worth considering whether there is a pilgrimage site in your Metropolitan area such as the Cathedral or doing a visit to New York City or Washington DC. This past summer I  had the opportunity to visit Ravenna and Venice in Italy and had the great blessing of being able to visit a number of saints for prayer and inspiration. 

May the saints inspire you with renewed hope this Academic year.