Bringing hope in the midst of uncertainty: This is part of our mission as Catholic school educators!

We are living in times of relative uncertainty. Day to day we wonder and worry about: 

  • how the Pandemic might change our daily lives and the lives of our students.
  • the political difficulties of our culture. 
  • the challenges and confusion that is present in our society at large, and the Church. 

However, Jesus invites us, in the midst of all of these things, to turn our eyes to Him, to “lift up our eyes to the Mountains,” because we know that our Help comes from the Lord who made Heaven and earth. We look to Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday, today and forever. We look to Jesus who is Head of the Church and whose Spirit continues to blow where he wills to renew the face of the Earth. 

As we begin this new year, may your Hope be renewed by the Advent of the Christ Child. 

Father Paul Kostka