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English and Religion Teacher | St. John Paul II Catholic High School | avondale, AZ

St. John Paul II Catholic High School seeks an English and Religion Teacher for the current school year.


The teacher assists the Church and the school in the mission of evangelizing.   The teacher contributes to fostering the Catholic School culture by serving as a witness to students and to the community.  By bearing witness to Christ, His Church and the teachings of our Catholic faith, the teacher cooperates with Christ in the academic, spiritual, and social education of our high school students.  The teacher leads, instructs, and utilizes effective pedagogy; obtains necessary academic certificates; participates in continual professional development; maintains detailed and accurate records as required by the school; and imparts a Catholic worldview through the curriculum.  In addition to academic preparation, record-keeping and accountability,  the teacher, as a member of a “house” within St. John Paul II Catholic High School, serves as a mentor and campus minister to students. 

Practicing Catholic who is joyfully faithful to the church’s tradition and teaching 
Must hold a Bachelor’s Degree
Theology or Catechetical Training
Understands the complementary relationships between faith and reason
Willing to make a public Profession of Faith
Thinks, plans and makes decisions with prudential judgement and right reason
Meets Ministry Formation Certification as required by Diocesan policy
Organized, creative and able to show initiative
Ability to use or develop good teaching techniques that work in a 85 minute class period
Certifiable by the Arizona Department of Education as a teacher
Must complete the Safe Environment Training and fulfill other diocesan requirements
AZ  FBI Fingerprint clearance card required

    Position is open until filled. 

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