Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Catholic Diocese of Reno | Bishop Manogue High School | Reno, NV

The Catholic Diocese of Reno seeks a Superintendent of Schools to provide modern leadership for the thriving Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Reno. Located in Reno, Nevada, the Diocese of Reno has four parochial schools, one independent K-8, and one diocesan high school. Its five schools serve approximately 2,000 students in preschool through grade twelve. The Office of Catholic Schools is an extension of the Bishop’s mission for catechesis and evangelization in the Diocese of Reno.

The Bishop appoints the Superintendent, who acts as the chief executive and educational officer for the Catholic Schools in implementing strategic planning and policies.
The Office of Catholic Schools provides leadership, support, and supervision for Catholic schools to be an integral, viable element of the Diocesan Church’s mission of education through policy and professional development. The Office establishes the climate and framework for fostering excellence in education in the Diocese of Reno Catholic schools.

Duties and Responsibilities
Reports to the Bishop of the Diocese of Reno
Works with the Bishop, Vicar, Chancellor, Director of Human Resources, and the Chief Financial Officer to review and address special circumstances in the operation of the schools.
Meets regularly with the Curia and the Priests’ Council to provide updates on Catholic Schools
Leads and supports the staff of the Office of Catholic Schools in implementing a cohesive vision for the schools.
Communicates with the varied stakeholders of the Catholic Schools, keeping the mission of Catholic Schools as the top priority.
Oversees strategic planning for the Office of Catholic Schools and the schools as a whole and supports individual school strategic planning.
Focuses on administrator quality and development in their role as spiritual, instructional, and managerial leaders.
Ensures a strong academic program based on evidence-based current practice.
Oversees the Diocese of Reno Scholarship fund, including fundraising and donor relations for the fund.
Works with the Diocesan Attorney on legal matters involving the schools.
Supports schools in best practices in marketing and enrollment management.
Ensures compliance with Diocesan policies, including the Safe Environment Policy and the Nevada Department of Education.
Supports schools in the WCEA accreditation process
Works collaboratively with the Office of Faith Formation, Youth and Young Adult Ministry, and Ethnic Ministries to support policies for the ongoing formation and certification of administrators and teachers, sacramental preparation policies of the diocese, and parish-approved textbooks and diocesan curriculum for catechesis.
Works collaboratively with the Diocesan Office of Communications with all internal and external communications

Practicing Catholic in good standing with an understanding of and commitment to Catholic education
Minimum of a master’s degree in education; degree and licensure or ability to receive Superintendent licensure preferred
Supervisory and leadership experience
Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with clarity
Strong public speaking skills and experience
Strong technical and digital skills
Excellent organizational skills with a strong work ethic
Ability to collaborate with different stakeholders
Successful leadership experience in a Catholic grade school and high school level is preferred
Prior experience as a Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent is preferred
Fundraising experience, including experience managing scholarship programs, is preferred

Interested parties should send a letter of introduction and resume to Matthew Schambari,