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Divine Mercy Academy | Pasadena MD

Divine Mercy Academy is a K-8 school, currently located in Pasadena, MD that utilizes the Catholic Liberal Education model to raise up Saints and Scholars. Our purpose is to know, love, and serve God and to form others so they might joyfully do the same.

Divine Mercy Academy is seeking an Upper School Science teacher for the 2024-2025 academic year. The ideal candidate will possess a deep love for Jesus Christ and His Church, a desire to participate in the renaissance of Catholic education, and a commitment to raising up the next generation of saints and scholars.

Job Description

The study of nature, therefore, begins from the presupposition that all of reality is God’s creation, though the implications of this are easily misunderstood. The act of creation is not an alternative to natural processes; nor is the doctrine of creation an alternative to natural explanations. The act of creation is not something done to the world since prior to creation there is nothing to act upon. The doctrine of creation, therefore, does not explain how the world came to be, but what the world is. And to treat nature as creation is not to confuse science with theology or to divert attention from nature to prove God’s existence, but to behold nature differently in a way that is at once deeper and more comprehensive, but no less rigorous, than modern scientific materialism.

The science curriculum will include one section of physics, one section of biology, and one section of chemistry.
Understand and uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church at all times.
Lead students to an understanding and an appreciation of all that is good, beautiful, and true.
Relate to students by loving them with the love of Christ, encouraging them to begin and/or develop their own relationship with God through sacraments and scripture, and challenging them to love others.
Be a role model of Christian love, faith, truthfulness and virtue.
Develop and implement engaging, challenging curriculum and lesson plans in line with the school’s classical education model.
Evaluate student progress, providing constructive feedback, adapting lessons when needed, and communicating any concerns to parents and fellow teachers.
Collaborate with colleagues and parents to support student development and the school’s Catholic identity.
Engage in ongoing professional development to enhance teaching skills, classroom management, content area, knowledge of classical education, and Catholic teaching.
Part time and full time work is available

The Ideal Candidate will possess
A missionary spirit and love for Jesus Christ and His Church with a desire to raise up a generation of saints and scholars.
Bachelor’s degree in Education, Science, or relevant field
Teaching experience, ideally in a Catholic or classical education setting.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Creative, flexible, and passionate about teaching and learning.

Application Process:

Interested candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, and two professional references to Jacqueline Dolch at

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